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What is Beyers-Agri?

Beyers-Agri is a subscription based online livestock trading Platform. It is that simple.

What makes Beyers-Agri different?

Beyers-Agri is a Safe, Secure and dedicate Online Livestock Trading Website.

This means that we only do one thing. We provide a livestock trading environment.

What are the benefits?

You pay a fixed monthly subscription, ZERO additional costs.
You can sell nationwide.
You can view and buy Nationwide.
You have direct contact with the Buyer/Seller.

A financial Example:

At an Auction: 

Jan takes 20 calves to the Auction,
Average weight is 250kg/Calve
Market Price is R30 p/kg (Live weight)

Brute Price:

On the auction Jan gets R30 p/kg (live weight)
250kg x R30 = R 7000/Calve
TOTAAL = R140,000.00


Comission(9%) – R 12,600.00
Weight loss(10%) – R 14,000.00
Transport Costs (2%) – R 2800.00
TOTAL = R 29,400.00

NETT Price:

Brute Price(R 140,000.00) – Costs(R 29,400.00)
TOTAL = R 110,600.00 (R22.12 p/kg )
Thus Jan is loosing R5.88 p/kg or R29,400.00

Some of the challenges.

The first major hurdle are Auctions. They get blocked, as is the current situation. The current issue with Foot and Mouth disease, is a prime example. Auctions are also very regional. 

You can easily expand your purchasing area as the savings can finance the transport costs.

To farm with livestock is already a big challenge in today’s world.
The transport to auctions can cause your animals loosing up to ±10% of their body weight, depending on the transport distance.

Average auction commission is ±9% for each transaction.

That is a substantial financial loss of up to ±19% and then you still have to pay for the transportation as well.

We believe we have the answer.

Now you can buy and sell livestock at anytime and anywhere from the kitchen to the kraal.

Access to nationwide buyers and sellers.

Avoid Unnecessary transport costs and stress on animals.

No commission fees.

And the best of all?

Your animals only need to be transported once the transaction has been concluded.

All Registrations are moderated as best as possible.

All advertisements are approved abefore being placed.

Still not subscribed? Subscribe on the web site now and start trading the cost effective way.

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It is that simple!

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